Prospective New Members:

Beth Knight   -  

As a church, we are excited about how God is working among and through us.  One aspect is seeing people excited to lock arms as they seek to partner with us in Church Membership.  If you are curious about what it means to partner with Knollwood in Church Membership or just want to learn more about that, consider signing up for our upcoming Next Steps Class.

Please read the testimonies of  Karuna Karki and Kwaku Asumadu and take some time to get to know them over the next couple of weeks.



Karuna Karki

I was born into a Christian family but my faith started to grow deeper and deeper as I could feel and see his work in my life and in my family’s life. Before the age of 13, I was a very rude and angry person. I would be angry and frustrated in small things. I used to shout, yell, and fight to vent my anger, especially towards my siblings. My mother never stopped praying for me. At night when I went to bed, she would come and pray for me. Slowly, I was calmer and started to tolerate my anger. Her prayer really helped me to come out of that situation. Compared to the past, I am totally a different person. When I see his promises and word being fulfilled in my life, I cannot thank him enough. Here in Canada I am alone without my family, but God has never let me feel alone. I have witnessed his grace, mercy, provision, and guidance in my life. He has never left me alone. I really want to grow more in him and praise him through my life.


Kwaku Asumadu

I was born into a Christian family. I was very active in Sunday school and Youth. I lost my way during my last years of high school and first two years of college. In my third year of college, I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit and rededicated my life to Jesus Christ. From then, my life has never been the same again. I was engaged deeply in church activities, prayer, evangelism on campus, mission work, and many others alike. These engagements helped me develop quickly as I had a strong spiritual community around me. I became a leader after a while and I have grown through the ranks. The key scriptures that the Lord used to touch me are 2 Timothy 2:19 and Roman 8:9. Since then, I have sought after the Holy Spirit and trusted in his help. My desires are to seek Jesus more and know Him more. A lot of areas of my humanness, I trust in the Holy Spirit’s strength to overcome. I love the Lord, His people, and His work.