80th Anniversary Celebration and Campaign

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Save the Date!  Knollwood’s 80th anniversary is fast approaching.  With 80 years of God gathering us together as a church there have been many ups and downs, but there is one constant … God is good.

We are making plans to gather in some capacity on June 13, 2021. Our special guest speaker will be Rick Buck, the Regional Director of FEB Central. Other plans are taking shape and will be shared closer to the date.

As part of our celebration, we want to share stories of what God has done for us. Would you consider sharing your story?  Just a few lines (or more!) of how God has shown his faithfulness over the years.

For more information about the 80th anniversary, or to submit your story of God’s faithfulness, see below “Tell Us Your Story”.



God has been good to us. I know this seems simple, but I think it’s something we forget. That’s why it’s essential to look back. The Bible does that a lot. In the Old Testament, the people would build a monument of remembrance of what God had done for them, and God would tell his people to talk to their children about what God has done. In the New Testament, every page is a reminder of what God has done for us through his Son, Jesus Christ. We now do the same. We look to the past to tell others how we have seen God’s faithfulness to us over the years. We are reminded to do that with our children and our grandchildren. Even as a church family, we point with big arrows to what God has done in and amongst us as he used faithful men and women throughout our 80 years. 

Celebrate with us

With 80 years of God gathering us together as a church, there have been many ups and downs, but there is one constant, God is good. As we enter into our 80th year, we want to share stories of what God has done. If you have a story about how you have seen God’s faithfulness over 80 years, please share them with us; just click here. As part of our celebration, we will seek to gather together in some sort of capacity to praise God for all his faithfulness over 80 Years. 

Tell us your story

Fundraising Campaign

As we celebrate our 80th anniversary, we want to not only share all the stories of God’s faithfulness, but we want to have a celebration and a present. We are looking forward to celebrating this spring together and want to have a gift. One area God has been faithful is in providing ways for us to upgrade our building. We’ve done that with our Cafe and lighting in the foyer, but now we’ve begun work in our auditorium. We have worked hard to improve our technology with our new sound booth, sound system, and cameras for live streaming. As we continue to move forward, we have two stages in an auditorium refresh as we worship at home and in person. In the first stage, we have begun to benefit from the new sound equipment and live-streaming. The second stage will involve a refreshing of our platform and further technology upgrade on the platform to allow us to continue to worship together in person. With steps 1 and 2, we are seeking to raise $50,000. So would you pray and consider how you can participate in two ways: Consider giving above and beyond your regular offering or through telling stories of God’s faithfulness.  Our God is good, all the time. Let us declare this truth loudly this coming year as we celebrate 80 years. 

Campaign Details

Fundraising Goal: $50,000

Stage 1: $30,000 to pay for our sound booth and upgrade our sound system and add live-streaming capabilities

Stage 2: $20 000 to refresh our stage

  • Upgrade Projection
  • Refresh stage design
  • Refresh baptismal
  • Add stage lighting 

To make a pledge, simply email or call the church office with your pledge or click here. If you would like to donate to our 80th Anniversary now, you can do that through Church Center or through your traditional way of worship through giving.

Pledge/Give Online

Our God has been so good, and we look forward to what God will do in and through us as we seek to be faithful disciples who make disciples of Jesus Christ. We ask that you would prayerfully consider how you can financially help us make our goal of $50,000 and help us tell stories of God’s incredible faithfulness over 80 years.