Deacon Nomination

Nathan Klahsen   -  

After we received members’ recommendations for Deacons, the Deacons and Pastors met with each recommendation and we would like to present two men for nomination.  As a point of explanation, each man has been examined with the expectation of eldership from 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9. We have been actively moving from a deacon’s board to a plurality of Elders, so we have examined these men with that in mind.  We examined these men and found them to be qualified for the office of elder.  As Members of Knollwood, please read these passages over and read their testimonies. When you vote for these men, you are ratifying that they meet the qualifications.  As a church, we will be meeting on December 12 for a Members’ Meeting, a time of prayer and discussion and to vote for these men and for voting for the process of starting constitutional changes beginning with incorporation.

David De Haan

My name is David De Haan, but you can just call me Dave as I like to be less formal.

I am thankful to have been brought up in a Christian family with a church and a Christian school education. As a teenager with those privileges, I felt pretty smug thinking I knew all the right stuff from the Bible and I was living as a Christian should. Yet, I was haunted for not having any sense of assurance of salvation. I did believe there would be a judgement one day which caused me to fear death. Then it nearly happened where I nearly drowned. When I regained my breath, Gal. 6:7 came into my mind. I realized my life was a mockery of God in how I claimed to be a Christian. I repented and trusted in Jesus Christ. Head knowledge became heart knowledge. My life changed. I knew assurance of salvation through Christ. Fear for death was dissolved. I found new friends. I had to part the company and activities I used to value that I might not dishonour the Lord in my life. It was five years later in 1971 that I was obedient in baptism at Wortley Baptist Church

I met Beverley in college and were married at Wortley in 1971. I am thankful that Bev has always been a significant encourager and prod in our spiritual lives. There have been some hard lessons along the way, like trusting the Lord and not leaning on my own understanding. But in God’s faithfulness and grace, He has led me into a closer walk with Him. The Lord has blessed us in more ways than we can count. We have three sons and two international adopted daughters. My career life was in the building supply industry. That was towards temporal things but now my desire is about building for the eternal. I love time in the Word which drives me in prayer and outward in serving. I’ve had the joy and privileges of serving in several capacities over 25 years at KBC. My love for the Lord, his people here and the neighbourhood community grows. My prayer for myself and each of us is that we more and more be growing faithful disciples and be gospel-sharing disciple-makers.

Peter Maybury

I had the privilege of being born into a family where my father was a pastor.  That led to my knowing the Gospel of Jesus at an early age.  By the time that I was five years old, I knew that Jesus was the only one who could forgive our sins before God.  Unfortunately, I was not yet saved, despite that knowledge.

When I was nine, I finally realized that I was personally a sinner before God and that I deserved to go to hell forever due to my rebellion against Him.  Suddenly, Jesus’ death on the cross for sinners (for me!) became a very special truth.  Jesus took my sins on Himself on the cross.  He died in my place and offered me the complete forgiveness of my sins.  I asked Jesus to forgive me, and He did!  From that day to today, my eternal destiny has been settled.  There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus!

After years serving the Lord in various ways, the Lord has brought me and my family back to being able to weekly gather and fellowship with the Knollwood Baptist church family.  As we are able, my family and I have sought to be a blessing to our church family.  The community group that I am a part of has been a very good time of getting to know some brothers and sisters at the church.

In the same way that I have been willing to serve in various ways here at Knollwood, I would ask that the church family prayerfully consider if God would have me serve our church in the role of elder.  This is a worthy task that I am willing to undertake if the Lord leads His church to that decision.

Serving Him together, Peter Maybury