Missionaries’ Updates

Beth Knight   -  

Ken and Cathy Yinger — Spain

“We came back to Spain with a sense of urgency, of wanting to invest in the lives of those who are seeking truth. It was difficult to get together with people when the peak of this sixth wave of Covid infections hadn’t yet been reached.  We are thankful for the technology that allowed us to start up our English classes online once again.  Ken went back to work on recording and uploading videos on YouTube and we are slowly seeing an increase of views of these videos.  Please pray that this tool will impact lives for Christ.

We have appreciated the big smiles and genuine welcome as both of us returned to our routines of stopping into local shops and businesses to greet the owners and workers.  Spain is a country where everyone has lots of acquaintances and few friends.  It has taken us a long time to feel like we are recognized as people who are a part of the community.  We have seen many people in the street or in the shops who have said we must get together for coffee when ‘things get better”.  Pray for these people.”

Some prayer requests and praise items from the Yingers:

Pray for pastors and Christian leaders and churches in Extremadura.  There is so much discouragement.

-Pray for the situation in Ukraine.  War in Europe is unsettling, to say the least.  May Your Kingdom come; may Your will be done! Pray for the refugees who are fleeing the country.  Perhaps you might consider donating to Fellowship International’s Emergency Appeal for Ukraine.  There are two Fellowship International families serving in Poland who are working with local churches to meet the needs of the refugees who are coming by the tens of thousands.  It is a real humanitarian crisis.  Pray for these workers and national Christians as they work tirelessly to alleviate suffering in Jesus’ name.

-Thank the Lord for the recent increase in our support account, a total of $250 monthly so far.  We are thankful!  However, the cost of living and doing ministry has gone up incredibly.  Our rent was increased this month and a litre of gasoline is now about $2.70 CDN.    We know that God will provide; pray with us. 

Pray for rain.  It is very dry and the reservoirs are extremely low.  Normally it rains nine or ten days in January and in February; there have only been two days with rain showers since we returned.

To see their complete newsletter, click here:   https://mailchi.mp/814cc39771bf/news-from-spain?e=86be61e7d8


D and C

To protect the security/safety of their ministry partners and themselves, these missionaries are referred to as D and C.  Please contact the church office if you would like a copy of their latest newsletter.

Overview:  D left Canada to fly overseas for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic.  C is staying at home while she recovers from some health challenges and to care for their aging parents.  Normally they would serve together.  They ask for prayer for D — safe travels and reconnection with team members who they haven’t seen for 2 years.  They also ask for prayers for peace in the Ukraine.


Rebekah Drew

“In my past couple of newsletters, I’ve mentioned the plans we have to build a translation office on Djaul that will help us with Bible translation and other work we’re doing in the Tiaang language. I’m now ready to begin fundraising! Click the video link below, or read the attachment to learn more about the project and how you can contribute! (If you like, you can make it a birthday present for me; I’m turning 40 on Monday!)”

In other news, for those who don’t get my prayer updates, Jessie and I tried to go to the village last week, but our flight to Kavieng got cancelled, and no other flights were available. We re-scheduled for the next available flight, which is this coming Tuesday, Feb. 22nd – two weeks after our original departure date. Please pray that we will be able to get all the way there this time!”

To read Rebekah’s full newsletter, click here:  2022-02 Equipping the Tiaang Translation Office

To view Rebekah’s video, click here:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/16UNUVfUW8T-QxKImaBK91QyFTHD5McYO/view


Terry and Joanie Wiley

From Terry

“It was so good to finally get back to Ethiopia again.  After being away for 1.5 years, I had an extensive list of thing to follow up with numeral people, especially since I was in the middle of writing my master’s research paper.  My priority was to re-establish a close working relationship with and pour into the lives of the four key men I work with.  We focused individually on their one-year plans.  I was repeatedly pleasantly surprised to see things we had discussed on previous trips being accomplished, being implemented, or being slated for attention.”


From Joanie

“I completed my training for both birth and postpartum doula and was in the beginning stages of getting my name out there and starting a little home business when two things happened.  First, Covid came along…and then my dad’s cancer returned and we ended up bringing him and my mom to live with us for several months.  I gladly put any thoughts of doula work aside as I cared for my dad.  During that time, I was able to do a lot of thinking, praying and evaluating.  I had been very uncomfortable with the whole business aspect of being a doula…the Lord confirmed in my heart that I was to just use the training in the volunteer ways that I have already been using it.”

Joanie is very involved the children’s ministry at their church in 3 Hills Alberta, and volunteers at a local thrift store and at the Red Deer Pregnancy Care Centre.

Over the last 2 years, several senior supporters of Terry and Joanie have gone to be with the Lord.  They are asking the Lord to provide an additional $1000 per month.

To watch a video update, click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsGbd7Svhg0