Search for an Associate Pastor

Nathan Klahsen   -  

The Elders would like to introduce to you the candidate they have decided to move forward with for the new Associate Pastor position. The process started at the end of June, and we are excited about what God is doing at Knollwood. We received a few resumes for this position. Among them, one individual stood out the most as one with the giftings and skills we were looking for, as we seek to be a church made up of disciples who make disciples of Jesus Christ. The Elders believe he meets the qualifications of an Elder laid out in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9, and 1 Peter 5:2-5 and that he has the gifting that would be required for this specific position as a paid elder at Knollwood. 

In this search process, we have chosen to walk with one candidate at a time, striving to select the candidate with the required gifts from the resumes received from FEB Central. As we began to walk with our first choice, Pastor Nate met with him twice to discuss the position, followed by lunch with the Wood and Klahsen families. The next step was to have a meal with the pastoral staff, which included Pastors Nate, Sam, and Matt. When the pastors agreed that Chris would be a good part of the team, Chris’ resume and references were presented to the rest of the elders. Subsequently, Chris and all the Elders met for dinner and an interview. After a week of prayer, the elders unanimously agreed to move forward with Chris and to present him to the church family at Knollwood. Therefore, the Elders would like to present Chris Wood as Knollwood’s newest Associate Pastor.

What will follow next is an opportunity for Community Group and Discipleship Group Leaders, along with other ministry leaders, to meet with the Wood family on January 28. This will be followed by a “Meet and Greet” potluck open to the whole Knollwood family on February 5. Finally, we are hoping to have Chris formally start his new position in early February. Please continue to pray for the Wood family as they begin this time of transition.  

Chris and Filomena have been married for 16 years and have two beautiful children, Isaac (15) and Rachel (13). Chris has worked for Diamond Aircraft for 22 years as an Avionics Engineer, where he met his wife, Filomena. Through that relationship, God began to call Chris to himself when Filomena invited Chris to church with her and where he heard the gospel. He met the Associate Pastor through that church, who actively walked with him in his new faith. His hunger for the Lord grew as he read the Bible, was in small groups and studied creation. It was through these relationships and events, which God used to call Chris to himself, that one day he remembers clearly saying to himself about the Bible, “This is God’s Word.”

Eventually, Chris and Filomena moved churches and have been active members at Redemption Bible Chapel since 2008. It was through being at Redemption that Chris began to have the noble desire to be an elder in line with 1 Timothy 3:1. With encouragement from mentors, friends, and Filomena, Chris began his seminary degree at Heritage Seminary. As Chris completed his internship at his church toward his Master of Divinity Degree, God continued to work on Chris’ desire to enter into full-time ministry. Now that Chris has graduated from Heritage Seminary, with a desire that lines up with 1 Timothy 3, he has the noble desire to move into full-time Pastoral ministry. As a committed follower of Jesus Christ who is passionate about preaching, teaching, and counselling followers of Jesus Christ, publicly from a pulpit or privately one-to-one. He has the heart to see Christians grow in their faith, love for and obedience to Jesus. Chris has actively been leading small, and men’s groups and has recently run a pre-marital course with his wife for a young couple in their church.

Along with this, Filomena and Chris actively do hospitality in their homes. They desire to be a blessing to the church. Chris is gifted in evangelism, as shown in his leading and teaching of evangelism over many years. This evangelism gifting has brought him and a team to the streets of London to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

As they walk through this transition, Chris and Filomena look forward to what God has planned. Still, more importantly, they desire that God may be glorified. They both love the church and look forward to how they can be a blessing to Knollwood. As Filomena and Chris continue to take steps of faith, they seek to rest in God’s sovereignty as they look forward to how God may use them at Knollwood. Chris and Filomena come with references that speak highly to their character and desire to grow in the grace and knowledge of God and serve his church. We also received personal phone calls from Heritage and FEB Central, along with references that further encouraged the Elders to hire Chris as our new Associate Pastor. We hope you will take the time to attend our “Meet and Great Potluck” on February 5. If you have any questions, please email the elders at