Forest Cliff Day Camp Volunteer Opportunity

Matt Freele   -  

Although at the time that I am writing this it is snowing outside, summer is in fact just around the corner! This summer our church has an awesome opportunity to be partnering with Forest Cliff Camp as they run a week long day camp Aug 8-12 for kids who have completed SK-Gr5!

Forest Cliff puts on an exciting, Gospel Centred day camp at churches and frees up the church to build relationships with parents and families as we help serve alongside them.

Kids young enough can get involved in these ways…

First by actually attending the Day Camp…

-For kids who have completed SK to GR 5: are the age group to sign up for the actual camp! They will meet new friends as they interactively learn the Bible and enjoy some awesome activities like Inflatable Slip N Slide, Water Maze, Huge Inflatable Obstacle Courses and Slides, and Portable Climbing wall

Or if you are a bit too old to attend you can still help out and be involved…

-For kids who have completed GR 6-8: ACT Program! (Activity Crew in Training)

  • earn new and unique skills
  • experience fun team building and service leadership training
  • discover more about themselves
  • develop customer service skills
  • learn how to grow a relationship with God

As a Church we also have some opportunities to serve in a few different ways!


-Be praying for the kids and families that will be a part of the day camp as God works through His Word and the sharing of the gospel

-Pray for staff as the organize and lead the day camp

-Pray that we can make meaningful connections and opportunities to share the Gospel and connect people with churches

-Pray for volunteers who will be helping that week from our church that through our service God’s love in us would be evident in how we interact with others and reflect Christ’s servant heart

Morning Café: As parents come to drop off kids, we want to be able to provide coffee and snacks for parents as they head to work and build meaningful connections

Lunches for Leaders: Forest Cliff asks us to provide a daily bagged lunch for staff and volunteers (including ACTors) Approx. 25-30 people. We will need people to plan lunches, get food, and prepare the lunches for each day as you interact with staff from Forest Cliff. As well if you can’t physically help, you can donate food needed or financial help

BBQ: We are planning on putting on a BBQ for the Families and Staff one of the evenings of the week. We will need volunteers for set up/clean up, to BBQ, and to organize and serve food. It will be a great time to meet families and make connections

Bursaries: As a church we have set aside money to help families pay for some of the cost of the Day Camp. If the need is high for financial aid this could be a way for church members to personally help pay for a kid to attend the day camp

You can register online here to help

If you have any questions or would like to help please contact Pastor Matt