Church Center App

The Church Center App is one of the fastest ways to get church information, register for events, get Community Group information, see and update your church directory, and give to the church.



  • Give: Enter how much you want to give, specify which fund you want to give to, and which payment method you want to use (debit Visa and debit Mastercard as well as Visa credit card and Mastercard are all options).
  • Manage Groups: In addition to seeing your small group information, you can view upcoming events, any resources group leaders have uploaded, and the contact information of other group members.
  • Register: You can search through church events and then complete a full registration for the event, including payment if necessary.
  • Profile Updates: In the Church Center app, there is a profile section where you can add or edit your personal information, including contact information, important dates, and a profile photo.
  • Check-In: The ability for parents and worship service attenders to begin checking individuals and families in before they get to church. They can select which household members they want to check-in and then when they arrive, scan the generated QR code to print their labels!
  • Watch Online: In the Church Center app, you can watch this Sunday’s or past Sunday’s services. Even our Kids’ Online is there.
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