Our Vision

We seek to be disciples who make disciples of Jesus Christ. We do this in three ways.


Church Gathered

Large gathering in corporate worship. We gather together as a whole community to exalt Christ through expository preaching and singing songs that are singable and testify of the richness of Jesus. We seek excellence as we worship through prayer, singing, preaching, financial giving, baptism, and communion to the God who deserves our best.


Church in Community

Small gatherings with an emphasis on community. We meet intentionally and in a community for prayer and the studying of the Bible so that we may be disciples. Our Groups exist to glorify God through being a disciple that is making disciples of Jesus Christ.


Church in the city.

We go out as individuals of a community and as a community to proclaim the gospel and the love of Christ through our words and show the love of Christ by our actions to the lost, broken, and marginalized. We aim to be a church that is looking outward. As we are faithful disciples, we will go out to make disciples.

Participation – Represent Christ implicitly and explicitly
Restoration – Mercy Projects through hands on and practical ways (ie. Soup kitchen, food bank, tax clinic, neighbourhood cleanup, Christmas hampers, etc)
Conversation – Having conversations and inviting into dialogue. This is from street preaching to conversations with neighbours, co-workers, friends, etc.
Multiplication – Done through church planting and revitalization. As a church we multiply by supporting church planting through prayer, sending others, coaching young pastors, and befriending pastors.

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