Prospective New Members: Olaoluwa Babatunde

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As a church, we are excited about how God is working among and through us.  One aspect is seeing people excited to lock arms as they seek to partner with us in Church Membership.

Please read the testimony of Olaoluwa Babatunde. Take some time to get to know him over the next couple of weeks.

If you are curious about what it means to partner with Knollwood in Church Membership or just want to learn more about it, consider signing up for our upcoming Next Steps Class.

Olaoluwa Babatunde

I was raised in a Christian home, specifically a Baptist home. I didn’t take the gospel too literally, though. I got admitted to an institution of higher learning in 2006 and experienced a different side of campus life. I was living a carefree life when I was persuaded to join a covert cult, which I struggled to resist. My realization that I needed to get closer to God came at this point. I recommitted my life to God the same year and prayed that I would remain trouble-free in the future. I committed myself to His word and His ways, and then I was amazed by an answered prayer.

John 15:5 has been a blessing and helped me realize that I am powerless without Christ. In order to be better and produce a great deal of fruit, I also needed to be in sync with Christ. However, praying for the grace to do as He commands in Matthew 6:33 with the current reality of life.